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Arduino Oscilloscope

I have created a aimple Arduino Oscilloscope as above picture shows. Here is its summary. You can build your own!


Here is the summary of its specification.
Number of channels2
Input voltage0 to 5[V]
Input impedance10kohm?, depends on AVR
VOLTS/DIV1[V], 0.5[V], 0.2[V], 0.1[V], 50[mV]
TIME/DIV10[s], 5[s], 2[s], 1[s], 0.5[s], 0.2[s], 0.1[s], 50[ms], 20[ms], 10[ms], 5[ms], 2.3[ms] (4.3ksps), and 1.2[ms] (8.6ksps, samples only 1 channel)
Trigger modeAuto, normal, scan, and one shot

Cirucuit diagram

The circuit is very simple:

Button interface

Operations are done with 11 switches. The following table shows how the switches are used.

Menu 1 Menu 2 Menu 3
Menu Start/Hold Menu Start/Hold Menu Start/Hold
VOLTS/DIV (ch 1) offset level (ch 1) NORM/INV/OFF (ch 1)
VOLTS/DIV (ch 2) offset level (ch 2) NORM/INV/OFF (ch 2)
TIME/DIV Trigger level Trigger inputs (ch 1 or ch 2)
Trigger mode Trigger edge
Send Send Send



The sketch depends on modified version of KS0108 Graphics Library which is introduced on Arduino: Playground. Note, you might have to change threshold voltages for switchs due to variations of registers' values. Also you might need to change the some constants depending on the voltage of Arduino's power source. Have fun!

old version



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